Adventure Ideas

Harbor Cruise

Slow as she on the bow or just chill and enjoy the harbor happenings, good times to be had.

Your cruise through Oceanside harbor will include a  trip out to the Oceanside pier, where it is nice to just drift a bit and enjoy the surroundings.

2 hour minimum

Weddings - Special Events

This is where "The CHIME" really SHINES

With her 32* beam creating one of the most stable platforms available, as well as her large decks, Weddings and other occasions can be assured of a most fantastic experience possible. With possible back drops from the Oceanside pier to the Oceanside sign when entering the harbor, fond memories abound.

2 hour minimum


Come Sail Away

Feel the breeze and smell the clean crisp sea air as the sails go up and the stress fades away. The Windchime is the ultimate stable sailing yacht. With her deck space and nets there is space to walk, lay around, or even to dance!

Take the helm, help sail? Let's do it!

6 guests max.

4 hour minimum

(recommended 6-8 hours)


Whale Watching

Whale Watching is always the call of the day when whales are present. Whether we are sailing or motoring, just out for 2 hours or a multi day trip. If they are around we want you to see them and we will set or alter our course to make it happen!

3 hour minimum

(recommended 4-6 hours)

Santa Catalina Island Adventure

Escape to Catalina

It is a natural paradise. A whole other world. From water sports and activities like: snorkel or dive, fish, kayak, to exploring the island and it's secluded beaches, Catalina is the place to go. The shopping, vast amounts of restaurants and bars will keep you wanting more! 

Since there is so many options available. We will work together with you to plan a greatest adventure possible.


We will provide you with all the comforts of home, away from home.

3 Staterooms - double occupancy 

Shower - hot everyday

Meals - 2 per day

Snacks - always

Water - Soda - Ice

Kayak - 1 two man

Stand up board - 1

Transportation to and from shore via Windchime Tender (dingy)

Plus 6 Windchime Tee shirts

3 day minimum

(recommended 4-5 days)

Anchor Off Shore

Anchor off shore almost anywhere. The Windchime  can anchor such places as: Carlsbad, La Jolla, Oceanside, or in front of your beach house.

Fish, Dive, Swim, Kayak, Paddle in to Surf, Sun Bathe, or just Relax with a cocktail.

4 hour minimum

Scattering of ashes

The passing of a loved one is experienced by each of us in our life times. The scattering of their ashes at sea provides a meaningful and memorable closure in which we feel connected to nature and the cycle of life. Being on the water with family and friends is a comforting way to commemorate and celebrate life.

Our professional licensed crew will ensure your safety and comfort while you experience the beauty and serenity of the timeless and infinite ocean.

Some people choose to bring a clergy or mediator to perform a more formal ceremony while many others choose to create their own personal memorial. All of our events are custom and suited to you and your group.


Your Captain will note the exact Latitude and Longitude and time of the scattering. While we will schedule your vessel according to your wishes, for your comfort we recommend early morning hours, before our local San Diego ocean breezes begin, or late in the day after it subsides.


In the State of California, it is permissible to scatter ashes near shore. Biodegradable flowers or a biodegradable urn are also permissible. Your cremation service should provide you with a permit to scatter the ashes. Please ask them for this.

2 hour minimum

Private Yacht Adventures on one of Southern California Largest Trimaran's

Windchime Charters

Windchime Adventures

Come Sail Away on The Windchime

Let us help you plan your perfect boating adventure!

Please note: we are operating a private yacht and are restricted to 6 passengers plus crew.


Weather permitting pertains to all trips.

Take a look below for some ideas and suggestions to get your thoughts going.

We do have a professional photographer and masseuse also available.